“You insulted my mumma!” causes brutal milkshake fight in McDonald’s


A shocking moment of a McDonald’s worker beating a customer brutally after she allegedly tried to fill up a water cup with free soda has gone viral. Erika Chavolla was working at the Las Vegas store when she got into a dispute with 24-year-old Sabrinah Fontelar.

The brawl was posted to Instagram by Nevada resident Marie Dayag, who said the fight started when the customer tried to put soda in a free water cup.

Dayag said: ‘The lady asked for a water cup and supervisor shut down the soda machine because she wasn’t letting her get a free soda.’

The viral video showed the two women arguing before it escalated into a fight. Sabrina allegedly filled her water cup up with soda, and when staff confronted her, she threw her milkshake towards them and insulted Erika’s mother.

At one point the McDonald’s staff can be heard saying ‘since you can’t afford one’, while Sabrina retorted, ‘that’s why your a** is behind the f***ing counter’. She then threw a French fry across the restaurant and repeatedly shouted ‘fight me’.

A second video footage showed the fight breaking out after Sabrina threw a milkshake at the McDonald’s employee. That was when Erika stormed towards her and was confronted by Sabrina who hits her on the head with a metal tray. Erika then grabbed the customer by the hair and begins raining punches down on her head and face. Erika then picked Sabrina up before throwing her over a nearby table.

When other McDonald’s staff and customers tried to break up the fight, Sabrina started fighting those instead. This restarts the brawl and Sabrina was beaten in the head and face a second time before Erika throwed her over another table.

At one point Erika can be heard shouting ‘my momma ain’t dead, you respect my momma!’

Erika eventually picked up a chair to hit the staff, but was quickly disarmed when she realised that there was no way she could win the fight.

The customer as well as the McDonald’s staff were unnamed when the video footage appeared on social media, but both Sabrina and Erika identified themselves when they bragged about the incident on social media.

Erika claimed that she has kept her job at McDonald’s following the incident.

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