Pregnant goat gang-raped by 8 Indian men dies


Eight men have been accused of bestiality after a “pregnant” goat died in Haryana, India. The case came to light after the owner of the goat filed a police complaint against the men on July 26.

Indian news agency ANI reported that three of the accused have been identified by the police as Savakar, Haroon and Jaffar. Other accused persons are reportedly in hiding.

“One person, Aslu registered a complaint on July 26 that his goat was gang-raped on the night of July 25 by Savakar, Haroon, Jaffar and five others whose identities are yet to be ascertained,” a police sub-inspector told ANI. The goat will be examined by a veterinarian, he added.

PETA India’s Emergency Response Coordinator, Meet Ashar, claimed the goat was “tortured and abused” after it was “gangraped”.

“An FIR has been registered under Sections 34, 377 and 429 IPC, Section 11(1)(a) & (l) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960,” she said.

Adding: “People who are violent often start with animals as victims and then move on to humans. This case should, therefore, worry everyone.”

The rape and death of the goat comes as a 22-year-old woman claimed that she was gang raped by 40 men for four days in Haryana just days ago.

The goats rape and death does little to lift India’s listing as the rape capital of the world.